Evolution Power Projects Inc

Established: April 2022

Leading the way by advancing the Natural Gas to Electricity methods of mobile power supply for our clients. Furthering their ESG goals by a serious reduction in emissions, increased safety and meaningful cost reductions.

Our NG to Electricity mobile power methods replaces up to 15 diesel fired generators per site. Eliminating diesel fuel usage by up to 5,000 litres per day and seriously reducing on-site sound volumes.

Eliminating diesel fuel handling completely, is not only an environmental benefit, but also a safety advantage.


Acquired: October 2014

Westar Oilfield Rentals supplies support equipment for the Oil and Gas fields in the Northern British Columbia region. Westar is a highly regarded full-service oilfield site and infrastructure company that fulfills multiple equipment rental needs for a variety of clients.

Westar Oilfield Rentals Inc. has been a part of the Oil and Gas industry since 2005. As a proud member of the Enterprise group of Companies, we are dedicated to serving the Oil and Gas industry with innovative equipment and exceptional service in Surface Rentals and Trucking Services..


Acquired: January 2014

Hart Oilfield prides itself on customer service. We employ a team of journeyman heavy duty mechanics, plumbers, scaffolders and service technicians.We believe in Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our equipment fleet is of the highest quality and inspected on a continuous basis for quality and safety.With 6 branches in Alberta and British Columbia, we can assist you with your construction or lease locations wherever you are.We are also members of the ComplyWorks and ISNetworld.


Acquired: September 2012

With their extensive background in the Oil & Gas industry, Artic Therm saw a growing need for safe flameless heating units, to help overcome the extreme climate challenges of Canadian winters. Artic Therm was founded in 1997. For over 20 years they have continued to perfect their products and finding new industries in need of safe and contaminate free heating options. In 2012, Artic Therm International Ltd. was acquired by Enterprise Group Inc. Enterprise Group has maintained a strong vision to be the largest construction services and specialized equipment rental organization in Western Canada.


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