35+ year experience in industry

Enterprise Group, Inc. has firmly established itself as the leading specialized equipment rental and service organization in Western Canada, with ambitions to expand further. With over two decades of experience, we continue to deliver essential site infrastructure and services, adeptly navigating the dynamic economic landscape. Our management’s 35+ years of industry expertise ensures resilience and adaptability in responding to the evolving needs of our clients and the market.

As we capitalize on renewed economic growth, our strategic focus remains on scaling operations and enhancing our asset portfolio through selective acquisitions. This approach not only reinforces our commitment to high-quality equipment and customer service but also aligns with our aggressive growth strategy. Positioned at the forefront of the energy services and specialized infrastructure sector, Enterprise Group is ready to leverage opportunities in infrastructure spending to foster substantial growth..


Million worth of assets, including property and equipment


strategic locations across western Canada to serve our clients


pieces of equipment, built to server our clients

Our Leadership

Mr. Jaroszuk is an extremely dedicated and insightful entrepreneurial businessman.

CEO, President & Chairman

Leonard Jaroszuk

Mr. O’Kell has been with Enterprise since its inception and has been a member of Enterprise’s board of directors since 2011.

Senior Vice President & Director

Desmond O’Kell

Mr. Cabral provides Enterprise with the necessary financial skill set to execute its business plan.

Chief Financial Officer

Warren Cabral, C.A.

After a distinguished 10 year career with Ernst & Young John Pinsent became a founding partner with St. Arnaud Pinsent Steman Chartered Accountants (“SPS”).


John Pinsent, C.A.

Mr. Campbell is currently the Chairman of Triview Capital Ltd. A Canadian Exempt Market Dealer specializing in Private Equity investments Prior thereto, President & Founder of Camlin Asset Management Ltd. since 2004.


John Campbell, C.A.

Mr. Darling is the President and founder of Ramdar Resource Management Ltd. Since 1994 Ramdar has provided wellsite management to many of the most demanding global E&P clients, both onshore and offshore.


Neil Darling

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