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Neil Darling Bio

Mr. Neil Darling is President and founder of Ramdar Resource Management Ltd. Since 1994 Ramdar has provided wellsite management to many of the most demanding global E&P clients, both onshore and offshore. Neil is a highly skilled professional with over 35 years of project management, design and operations experience - both domestic and international. Experience includes design, drilling and completions of deep wells to 6000m. Neil and Ramdar have drilled and completed over 1,000 unconventional horizontal wells, in many instances being high pressure / high temperature, critical sour, along with extensive under-balanced horizontal and conventional horizontal drilling. Neil's experience includes instruction at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (S.A.I.T.), as well as, preparation and presentation of curriculum for domestic and international technical institutions. His international experience includes projects in China, Bangladesh, Libya and the United States.